• While the demonstration of the first OLED emitting thermally activated delayed fluorescence (TADF) in Advanced Materials in 2009 by OPERA at Kyushu University gave a glimpse of TADF's potential, OPERA's report in Nature in 2012 of a TADF-based OLED with an internal quantum efficiency of nearly 100% grabbed the attention of researchers world-wide and established TADF as a truly promising technology.
  • In the five years since then, extensive studies around the globe have been conducted, leading to rapid developments in TADF materials, devices, and physics and further strengthening TADF's position as the third-generation of OLED emitters.
  • As a follow-up to the 1st International TADF Workshop in Fukuoka, we are delighted to announce the organization of the 2nd International TADF Workshop to share the recent advances and future direction of TADF science and technologies.
  • Welcome to Fukuoka!
  • From the chair of the 2nd International TADF Workshop Chihaya Adachi, Dean of Center for Organic Photonics and Research at the Kyushu University

Invited speakers

  • We are working on a program full of talks from leaders in the field and will be updating this section as we begin to receive confirmations.

Kyushu University, Ito Campus, Fukuoka, Japan


  • Located in the southern Japanese city of Fukuoka, which is known in Japan for its delicious cuisine and fresh fish, Kyushu University opened its new Ito Campus on the Itoshima Peninsula in 2005. A short ride from a beautiful coastline and magnificent mountains, Kyushu University has much to offer in terms of both leading research and an enjoyable daily life.
  • The campus is easily accessible from Fukuoka Airport via public transportation. After a 35 minute ride on the subway, transfer at Kyudai-Gakkentoshi Station for a 15-minute bus ride to the campus. The Workshop is then a short walk from the Kyudai Big Orange Mae bus stop. Detailed directions will be provided soon.
  • For more information about Fukuoka can be found at the

 Join the Workshop

  • To join the Workshop, you will need to register online. The deadline for registration is April 30, 2017